The Space Baby Story


Starring three-time Tony nominee Charlie Brown (Trading Places, Drop Squad, Legal Eagles, The Temptations, Kennedy) (as “Blue”), and introducing Sam Dean (“Mental Man”), Sophia Dean (“Nature Girl”), William Dean (“Space Baby”), and Nancy Todd (“Nurse Nancy”), with a special appearance by Peter Wolf (solo artist, formerly of J. Geils Band). 


Eight year old Sam (“Mental Man”) seems to know everything – except what he should do with his life. Born with an intense desire to explain everything, Sam is a natural teacher…but he needs a student. For as long as he can remember he’s wanted a little brother, someone who would really understand him – not like his five year old sister Sophia (“Nature Girl”). But so far, Sam’s Frankenbaby experiments have failed, and he doesn’t know why. Filled with questions, Sam decides to invent a communication device that will allow him to speak directly to the Universe. Working maniacally in his secret underground lab, Sam solders and glues and screws gizmos onto a colander.  Donning the wacky helmet, Sam is at first startled by a strange but lovely voice in his head (“the Universe”), and then frightened by the appearance of an alien (“Space Baby”) stomping around the forest and throwing acorns at him. But before long, Sam comes to believe that the alien is the little brother he’s always wanted. 

Sam’s best friend lives next door at Forgotten Dreams Rest Home. Ageless and magical, Blue was the greatest pitcher of all time. When Blue hears what Sam has found, he reveals an incredible secret: without knowing it, Sam has created the receiving half of the Holy Grail, a device which allows its Keeper to communicate with “the other dimension.” The baby that Sam sees when he wears his helmet is the long-awaited “new soul for the earth,” and Sam is to be his Caretaker! But as yet, the baby is only a message from the Universe, a sort of Zen riddle that Sam alone must unravel.

How does Blue know all this? Hundreds of years ago inAfrica, Blue himself was the Keeper of the Holy Grail – until it was destroyed by slave traders. Now Blue needs Sam’s genius as a mad scientist to rebuild the other half of the Grail and make the baby real. Bymidnight. Or else all will be lost.  Sam and Blue have become a serious threat to the forces of evil. The new rest home administrators, evil Nurse Nancy and her demonic Crow, have been seeking to destroy the Grail for over 5,000 years. This time they’ll stop at nothing.  Can Sam withstand their dark forces?  Will Sophia’s squadron of ladybug fighter pilots stop Nurse Nancy?  Does Sam have the courage to catch Blue’s final pitch? Will our hero figure out the riddle of the Universe in time to save the world from evil?


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