A mystical sci-fi comedy adventure about the meaning of life. Inspired by everything from Star Trek to classic Warner Bros. cartoons, with references to Nietzche, Einstein, and Leonardo da Vinci, The Adventures of Space Baby & Mental Man is for kids… for anyone who cares about kids... and for anyone who’s ever wondered “what it's all about.” 


SPACE BABY is the first feature length family film created entirely by a family, all in their own home. The film was co-written by eight year old Sam and his Dad, Rex. The stars of the film are Sam, his sister Sophia, and his baby brother William. 

We moved out of our house for a few weeks and turned it into a film set. Our guest room became Blue’s room. We created Sam’s laboratory and Peter’s Electronics Shop in our creepy dungeon-like basement. Our tv-room became Sam’s bedroom, and we built all sorts of strange contraptions, including his bed out of stray plumbing pipes painted gold. Sophia designed and painted her own bedroom walls, and we brought in dozens of plants and small trees to make it look like a jungle. The rest of the house was used as-is: kitchen, living room, foyer. Of the dozens of crew members, the ones who didn’t live nearby slept on couches and unused bedrooms.

We turned our spare rooms on the third floor into production offices, and later a full postproduction studio for editing, visual effects, re-recording and sound mixing. Simon Coombs, who made the satellite in Goldeneye and lots of other cool visual effects, came to live with us for a summer and showed us how it’s done. (First, you design the shape of an object, say a baseball and its stitching, and the surfaces on the object, such as a map of the world and red thread, and then you set up lights of various colors and brightnesses, figure out a motion path for the object so it flies around in a good way, and then you let computers figure out how the object will look as it moves around.) At one point we had TWENTY FOUR old computers rendering the visual effects, which is a good thing since sometimes it took several hours to render a single frame (and we had over 10,000 frames of visual effects!) 

We put Sam into a closet to record the voice over narration, but we still had to stop recording whenever a truck or airplane would go by. We changed our mind a lot about what he should say, so you might be able to tell his voice gets older as the film goes along! 


Executive Producer Michael Palm Directed by Rex Dean

Written by Sam Dean & Rex Dean Story by the Dean Family

Produced by Rex Dean, Denise Skinner & Carol Patton

Visual Effects by Simon Coombs & James Leutz Edited by Peter White

Musical Score Composed by Alan Williams Additional Music by Alison Brown

Cinematography by John Leuba Line Produced by Denise Skinner




Articles about Space Baby have appeared in the Boston Globe, the Middlesex News, Imagine News, Film & Video, and others. Please download our latest press kit or Sam’s photo scrapbook.



“It’s brilliant.”

-- David Kleiler, local film critic whose Boston Underground Film Festival awarded
Runner Up for Best Feature for a rough cut of the SPACE BABY


“I always thought of the film as a cross between MY LIFE AS A DOG and E.T. In a way it’s about what might happen to the baby at the end of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, or to Little Prince if he ever returned to our planet….The film gives me ways of thinking about some of the most complex and difficult experiences in life: love, death, existence, friendship, and joy.”
-- the writer/director, Rex Dean

“Fine comedic acting.”
-- Mark O’Donnell, former SNL writer, winner of the Tony for Hairspray

“Everyone should see this movie!”
-- the director’s friend, Malana

“The film has a wonderful sensibility and freshness about it. Its themes are lovely, originally presented, timely, and very much hit a chord with our family. My kids – one boy, one girl – each identified with different elements of the film. My wife especially loved its spiritual elements.”
-- Andrew Gellis, former VP of Production for Imax Films, and producer of over a dozen Imax films


“I love these kids!”
-- Albert Maysles, director of over a dozen films including GIMME SHELTER, SALESMAN,


“You’ve made a film about my son… about my daughter… about me… I always wished I had a friend like Blue, and a secret underground laboratory… I was Nature Girl when I was little…”
-- heard after various screenings


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